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Actionable SEO Tips You Can Use Today

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding search engine optimization. If you ask a hundred different people about things that matter for higher rankings in organic search results, you will probably get 100 different answers. The fact is that search engine optimization is a dynamic and ever-evolving field which means you need to continuously keep up with the latest changes to stay ahead in the game.

However, the basics of SEO have remained the same over the years and this is the reason, every SEO checklist should begin with the basics. Here is a list of some important basic SEO tips that every website owner should imbibe in their SEO strategy.

Keywords Matter

You need to spend time researching and finding keywords that are less competitive and fit within the overall niche of your website. There are several free and paid tools for keyword research. Make use of these tools to find keywords and include those keywords in a structured manner on your webpages.

In addition to finding keywords, you also need to pay attention to the placement of keywords. Make sure your page titles, categories, meta description, and page content has those keywords in the right place. Don’t stuff keywords as you will get penalized.

Internal Linking

While links from other websites matter the most but you also need to pay attention to internal links. If you are using WordPress, you can easily do that with the help of several plug-ins. Internal links need to be well structured and well-intentioned. Do not do it haphazardly.

Pay Attention to Site Speed

If you have anything to do with SEO, you must be aware that site speed is now a ranking factor. So, optimize your images, graphics and all the other things on your website to deliver as fast a website as possible. Use Google Page Speed Tool to find out whether your website is fast enough. Get rid of all the unnecessary elements including unnecessary JavaScript or big images or any other thing that will slow down your website.

Updated Content

Over the past few years, Google has been paying extra attention to up-to-date content. You need to make sure that your content is always up-to-date. If there are any new happenings in your industry, publish an article on that. Also, take stock of your old content and update it, if necessary.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a measure of the amount of time visitors spend on your website. If visitors immediately go back to the search results after clicking through to your website, it will increase the bounce rate and that’s not good for your organic rankings. One of the best ways to keep visitors on your site longer is to make your content easy to skim. Use subheadings, bullet points and different types of media on your webpages. Make sure your content is easy to read.

Get Rid of Dead Weight

This tip is essentially applicable to large websites that have a lot of pages. If your website has thousands of pages and many of those pages don’t bring in any traffic from search engines, you should delete those pages. This is due to the reason that Google doesn’t want to send traffic to websites that have a lot of low-quality pages. So, make sure all the pages on your website have excellent content that is designed to serve the users and answer their queries.

Get Links from Other Domains

One thing that matters most is the links from other domains. However, it’s getting harder every year to get organic links but it also means that it’s getting harder for everyone. You can leave your competitors behind by getting links from other authority websites. While guest posts used to work earlier but these days, not everybody is comfortable with publishing guest posts on their website due to the latest Google updates.

One of the best ways to get links is to publish high-quality content on your website and let others know about this content. You can inform others by sending emails or by highlighting content on your social media handles.


Overall, search engine optimization has become a lot harder over the years but it also means that only those who put in the efforts will be able to maintain and grow their organic rankings. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and start working on your comprehensive SEO strategy to achieve higher rankings for your website.