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A Quick Review Of The Top SEO Tools – Free And Paid

Search engine optimization or SEO isn’t easy as you are competing with thousands of other Webmasters. This is the reason, you need to take advantage of various free and paid SEO tools to get a leg up on the competition.

In this article, we will take a close look at some of the most useful and widely used SEO software used by SEO experts. You do not need all these tools but this article should help you in figuring out the tools that are best for your particular requirements.

Google Search Console

It’s a completely free tool offered by Google. You can easily get access by adding a few lines of code to your website. With the help of this tool, you will get a much better understanding of how Google, as well as visitors on your website, view your website allowing you to optimize the content and improve the ranking performance in the organic search results.

Answer the Public

It is another free tool that has achieved wide popularity over the past few years. As the name suggests, you can discover actual questions that people are asking about a keyword or phrase.

When you input a certain keyword, it will quickly find hundreds of questions people are asking related to that particular keyword. These questions are sourced from social media, blogs as well as forums and not just Google suggestions. You can also use it to find comparison keywords that are widely used by people.

Website Analysis Tool by WooRank

It is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly optimize your website to rank better in the organic search results. When you plug in your website, you will get an overall SEO score. The best thing about this tool is that it tells you exactly about the things that are keeping your SEO score below. In simple terms, it not only detects a problem but also tells you the solution that can help in better optimizing your website.

Mobile Friendliness Testing

It is another free tool by Google that helps you get your site ready for mobile devices. As you must be aware, Google has switched to mobile-first indexing which means the mobile version of your website is what is considered for ranking calculations.

In case your website isn’t working on mobile devices or it is not properly optimized to work on mobile devices, you can forget about achieving any kind of organic rankings.

Use this free tool to test the mobile-friendliness of your website and take the prescribed actions to improve your website’s code and help Google crawlers find and index everything on your website.


It is a free tool with premium features and it has been made available by Neil Patel who is one of the most popular SEO professionals in the industry. It offers a wide variety of features. Just put in a keyword and you will quickly get data on monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, and several other things.

Similarly, you can also use it to check your competition. Get a list of suggested keywords and difficulty scores in order to discover low hanging fruit.


It is one of the most amazing paid SEO tools out there. In fact, most of the professionals in industries swear by this tool. There are 4 different paid options for you to choose from based on your requirements.

You can use it to discover new keywords, check the exact keywords that a competitor’s website is ranking for, advertising research as well as for discovering the backlinks of a particular domain among other things.


This tool has come a long way from its initial days. In fact, the company claims that it has the biggest database of backlinks in the whole world (leaving aside Google, Bing and other search engines).

If you want to discover some SEO tricks, go through their blog and you will find a lot of useful and actionable tips and tricks to improve your organic search results rankings.

There are several reasons why this is one of the most used and recommended SEO tools available today. There is a site audit feature that is widely considered to be the best SEO analysis tools available today. You can quickly find the improvements you can make to your website to achieve better rankings. You can also use it for competitor analysis as well as for keywords research.

Their backlinks database is massive and many experts use it to find some amazing linking opportunities.

Overall, these are some of the most popular free and paid SEO tools available today. These can be used for research, backlink analysis, competitive research, SEO audit and multiple other things.

SEO tools offer a lot of actionable data but these are only tools and you need to learn how to best use these tools to improve the organic rankings of your website.

Search Engine Marketing

You Can Use These Tools To Help Increase Your Website’s SEO Rankings

Business today relies on the computer. Companies need to have a great online presence if they want to stay competitive in their fields. Since people use the computer to go online to search for products and services that they need, a company will want to have a website filled with copy that is rich in SEO so they can increase the chances of a person seeing what they have to offer.

Why Is SEO So Important?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important because it allows for the search engines to find a company quickly. The more SEO that a company has on its website, the better. They will need to make sure that it is giving them the best online presence possible.

You Can Use These Tools To Help Increase Your Website’s SEO Rankings

You want to make sure that you are getting the most with your SEO and improving your standing in the rankings. Since you may not know how to do this, here are 10 tools that can give you quite a bit of help:

1. Understand Your Competition – You can find out a lot about your competitors online. Do a search to pull them up and study what they are doing in their presentation online. Get a feel for the keywords that they are using for their SEO. You want to rank higher than they do so make sure that you take notes on this.

2. Master Keyword Research – When you are looking for keywords that will pull in the search engines quickly, you can use the Master Keyword Reseach tool to assist you. This is very beneficial in that it will give you the keywords that you can use to be most effective in your online strategy.

3. Plan Your Site – Make sure that your website is keyword-friendly. Place them well within the copy on your website. The better placement that you have, the better your chances are of pulling quickly when your potential customers are searching for products and services.

4. Produce Regular Content – You will want to produce good and pertinent content regularly. Use a newsletter that people can join for free with their emails. This is a great way to get current information out to the public when they sign up with it.

5. Google Keyword Planner – Another great tool to use when you want to improve your SEO rankings is the Google Keyword Planner. This will assist you in more ways to get those keywords set up to increase traffic to your website.

6. Social Media Networks – Utilize social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are great social media networks that will allow you to give an even great impact on your SEO rankings.

7. Google PageSpeed Insights – Get going with the Google PageSpeed Insights. This is a tool that will give you lots of great information on how to optimize your SEO. Use it for all types of information that will assist you in many ways.

8. Moz Local Listing Score – Knowing your Moz Local Listing Score is a plus. This will allow you to come up with a plan to improve your listing.

9. Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker – It’s a good idea to use the Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker as a tool to make sure that your site is working up to par. Bad websites will need to be fixed and this will help you to locate trouble areas if you have any on your website.

10. Moz Link Explorer – Use the Moz Link Explorer to optimize even more. This is a tool that people find to be highly beneficial when they want to get the most out of their keywords and website SEO rankings.

Online is the way that business is completed all across the globe. It is imperative that you have a great online presence now and in the future. Use the tools above to get the most traffic to your website so that you will see an increase in your profits that will continue. The way that you use the tools will matter now and in the future for your company and the business that they are able to conduct.