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What Are Some Of The Top SEO Myths That People in Milwaukee Still Talk About?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is such a dynamic industry that some things that might have worked in the past no longer work today. Likewise, because there is no definitive SEO strategy as the algorithms are proprietary, it is very easy to have SEO myths dominate the industry.

These myths can end up wreaking havoc on those that adhere to them. Below, we will be going over some of the biggest SEO myths that people are still talking about.

SEO Myths:

1. Keywords No Longer Work

There was an update to Google’s algorithm that wiped out websites that were keyword stuffing. This led to the common myth that targeting keywords was no longer an effective strategy.

While it’s true, stuffing keywords is no longer a viable strategy, that doesn’t mean targeting specific keywords is completely ineffective.

The fact is, high-ranking websites still target highly searched keywords within their industry. According to Decrypted SEO Milwaukee, while the strategy itself has changed due to the dynamics of the changes within the algorithm, the concept remains the same. You should be actively targeting the right keywords to generate search traffic.

The key is changing the way you include these keywords. Instead of focusing on stuffing your content with them, you should be creating content around the keywords that you are targeting and primarily focusing on the user’s intent.

New algorithm updates have made it much more effective to use keywords in a meaningful way to address a user’s search query rather than using keyword density as a metric to get a site ranking high for the respective keyword.

2. Tags No Longer Matter

Meta tags not mattering is a myth that still exists to this day. For some reason, web owners believe that tags aren’t effective and that they don’t matter because they aren’t directly included in an algorithm’s ranking factor.

The fact is, these meta tags do matter because they can ultimately make your search results much more relevant and attractive. Without having properly optimized tags in place, Google and other search engines are likely to pull directly from your website which won’t be optimized for the user.

3. Guest Blogging Is No Longer Effective

This is a big one that seemingly came out of nowhere. A lot of people assume that guest blogging is no longer effective because the days of link spamming are over.

While it’s true, getting a lot of poor quality links is not going to skyrocket your rankings, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do guest posts to improve your link building efforts. You absolutely do not want to look to generate links by guest blogging on poor quality websites that aren’t relevant to your website.

However, you do want to continue to reach out to high-quality websites that are relevant to your own. Any guest posts you make on high-quality and high-ranking sites are going to propel your own site’s credibility.

The key is adding contextual links, not using it as your sole strategy, and by avoiding low-quality websites.

4. You No Longer Have To Worry About Research

This is one that really gets people in trouble. It might stem from the fact that people assume keywords are no longer an effective strategy.

Regardless, you don’t want to fall for this trap.

Doing keyword research remains as important as ever before. Knowing which keywords to target within your content is crucial because you want to ensure that you are targeting the most searched for keywords and phrases within your niche. This is going to allow you to improve your rankings and allow you to minimize any time wasted on keywords that aren’t being used.

The most important tip that you can use when you are trying to leverage the use of keywords within your overall strategy is making sure that you aren’t overusing these keywords or phrases. Instead, you should be focusing on the intent.

5. Longer Content Always Wins

This is one that you have to avoid falling for as well. A lot of web owners believe that any long content is going to dominate the search engines because it is long.

While it’s true that Google and other search engines will favor long-form content over short-form content, that doesn’t remain true if the content is of poor quality. Longer form quality content will beat out shorter form quality content every day of the week.

The key is, you still need to ensure that the content is both high-quality and highly relevant. You can read more about some good tips on writing long form content here –

Overall, there are plenty of different things that you should be wary of falling for when you are looking to implement your own SEO strategies. Avoiding these common myths is key when you want to get the most out of your efforts. Hiring a professional that knows what they are doing is the best way to approach SEO because they will understand the dynamics and they will make fewer costly mistakes.